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05.05.2015 / Ivano-Frankivsk
Roundtable discussion

The Politics of Memory: ways of reconciliation Ukrainian people

The theme of the roundtable discussions was the issue of public policy concerning the memory of the victims of the First and Second World Wars, the postwar struggle of the Ukrainian underground, as well as on the issues concerning the memory of the murdered on Maidan 2014 and current Ukrainian-Russian war in the Donbas. During the roundtable discussion the participants concluded that the reconciliation of Ukrainian people from the inside is possible without the policy of revanchism and discrimination in the memory of all the victims of all the warring parties of the armed conflicts.

More details about the contents of discussion here.

29.04.2015 / Cherkasy
Panel discussion


Energy independence is our common goal

Energy independence of Ukraine is a strategic issue, the settling of which has to become one of the factors of country’s successful development. The Kiev Dialogue Team joined the ecological organizations’ initiative «Energy independence is our common goal» and conducted within the framework of informational tour the panel discussion, devoted to the problems of energy efficiency and energy saving.

Experts discussed processes that take place in the sphere of energy efficiency and energy saving in Ukraine and in Cherkasy region, in particular, the content and quality of reforms in the energy sphere; existing possibilities to use public and municipal funds for buildings’ thermal modernization; the availability of energy saving technologies for ordinary citizens, the prospects of adaptation to bicyclists’ needs in Cherkasy, etc.

The participants of the discussion have also received concrete advices regarding the prudent and far-sighted use of resources, what everyone can do for this purpose.

More details about the contents of discussion here.

Video from information tour can be found at: .

24.04.2015 / Cherkasy
Panel discussion


POLICE VS MILITIA: How does Ukraine seize the chance of reform?

After the Revolution of Dignity Ukraine has inherited the system of law enforcement bodies, which the citizens are completely dissatisfied with, for the reason of their non-transparency, corruption and excessive militarization, the community has no influence upon the priorities in militia’s work, upon appointing and dismissing of employees. So, the reform of law enforcement bodies, militia in particular, attracts the special attention of the Ukrainians.

In course of discussion the experts – law enforcement officers, human rights defenders and public activists – have discussed questions, affecting every citizen:

Has the actual reform of law enforcement system started and what is its substance? What will law enforcement officers and ordinary citizens get as a result of reform implementation? How does militia view the possibility of Ministry of Internal Affairs’ (further – MIA) system reforming? In what way can the society assist in reforming?

Here one may get to know in more detail about the discussion’ content and experts’ viewpoints.

17.04.2015 / Ivano-Frankivsk
Panel discussion

Modern Education in Ukraine: what it lacks and what is unnecessary? 

April 17, 2015 Ivano-Frankivsk hosted a roundtable discussion Modern Education in Ukraine: what it lacks and what is unnecessary? as part of Kyiv Dialogue Project.

The discussion was attended by the speakers: Bogdan Tomenchuk – Director of Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Center for Educational Quality Assessment, Oleg Bilous – Ph.D. in political science, the Head of Research Department in Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University, Iryna Savchuk – an educator in Education Department of Kalush RSA, Victor Kimakovych – the Head of the Department of Education and Science of Ivano-Frankivsk RSA, Dmytro Romaniuk – Ph.D. in economics, a public figure, Vitalii Pereviznyk – a public figure, the Head of NGO Public institute of Analytics, Sergii Adamovych – Doctor of historical sciences, professor in Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University, Taras Sluchyk – a public figure, the representative of Political Education Institute, Myroslav Koshyk – Ph.D. in historical sciences, information analyst.

During the round table the issues of secondary education, USE, higher school and Ukrainian science were

More details about the contents of discussion here.


10.04.2015 / Odesa, Impact Hub Odessa
An expert discussion

European foreign policy and the situation in the east of Ukraine

On the 10th of April Kiev Dialogue held an expert discussion on the topic “European foreign policy and the situation in the east of Ukraine“. Honorary Consul of Austria in Odessa provided assistance in organizing this discussion.

The panelists discussed the changes in European foreign policy due to the changes in the situation in Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Hanna Shelest, Curator in Odessa Region of Ukrainian Peacebuilding School, Gerhard Sailler, Deputy Director of the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, and Thomas Row, Professor of the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, expressed their opinion on the matter of involvement of Europe in the conflict in the east of Ukraine.

Among the participants of the discussion were students of the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna and members of Odessa Diplomatic Club. The working language was English.

The discussion was moderated by Maryna Pluzhnyk-Gladyr, Co-founder of Impact Hub Odessa.