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02.10.2015 / Hotel Sofitel Grand Sopot, Kwiatowa 11/12, 92-147 Sopot, Poland
Public discussion

What reforms are needed in Ukraine to secure its aspirations toward EU Membership?

An Initiative of the UN Secretary General Global Compact in Poland, the Kiev Dialogue and the Open Dialog Foundation

The discussion was centred around three key questions and areas:

* Can new cooperation concepts (such as the Intermarum - Baltic Sea project) be of any help?
* To what extent is the reform experience of Georgia and Moldova compatible with the Ukrainian reality?
* What should be the role and strategy of Poland, the Baltic states and the EU in the long-term cooperation with Ukraine?

Key panellists:

Janusz Piechociński, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy of Poland
Yevhen Bystrytsky,Executive Director, Renaissance Foundation, Kiev
Volodymyr Omelyan, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine
Kalman Mizsei, Head of the EU Advisory Mission for Civilian Security Sector Reform Ukraine

Other attendees:
members of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland, members of the Supreme Council of Ukraine, members of the European Parliament, ambassadors of Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, representatives of non-governmental organisations from Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine, independent journalists and representatives of the democratic opposition in Russia, experts in foreign policy of Central and Eastern Europe, journalists and entrepreneurs.

The event took place within the renowned European Forum for New Ideas, held in Sopot, Poland.
24.09.2015 / Ukrainian World, Nowy Świat 63, Warsaw, Poland
Public discussion

13 hostages of Putin: How can we release them?

Savchenko, Sentsov, Kohver - these are the best known names of citizens of neighboring countries, kidnapped
and falsely accused in Russia. How many more? - We do not know. How to help them?

The Kiev Dialogue, along with the Open Dialog Foundation, the EuroMaidan SOS and People in Need have an honour to invite you to a panel discussion around three key questions and areas:

- What consequences should be drawn against the people, involved in kidnapping and imprisonment of
citizens of neighboring countries in Russia?
- How to help political prisoners - when does the publicity save lives, and when does it close the road to freedom?
- How to monitor the situation of political prisoners sentenced to long-term prison sentences?

- H.E. Mr Harri Tiido – Ambassador of the Republic of Estonia in Poland;
- Mr Yuriy Yatsenko – student from Lviv, activist of EuroMaidan, arrested by Russia and released after the "LetMyPeopleGO" campaign;
- Ms Oleksandra Matviychuk - civic activist, EuroMaidan SOS, initiator of the "LetMyPeopleGO" campaign;
- Mr Mark Feygin - lawyer of Ms Nadiya Savchenko, Ukrainian political prisoner in Russia;

Speakers (by telebridge connection):
- Ms Vira Savchenko – civic activist, sister of Ms Nadiya Savchenko;
- Ms Marina Dubrovina - lawyer of Mr Stanislav Klich, Ukrainian activist detained in Russia;
- Ms Natalia Kaplan – civic activist, sister of Mr Oleg Sentsov, Ukrainian political prisoner in Russia.

R.S.V.P. -

More information on the event you can find here

21.08.2015 - 23.08.2015 / Cherkasy
master class


Youth is a great potential for development of our country. Since 2012 in Central Ukraine works network “Creators of the Future” that consolidates socially active young people that are ready to implement changes in our country. Civil activists generate new ideas, realize common projects and learn. On August 21-23 “Creators of the Future School” took place in Cherkasy. It was devoted to leadership skills development, team-building, public speeches. Due to the project “Kyiv Dialogue” our training visited Olexandra Matviychuk – “Euromaidan SOS” initiative coordinator and leader of NGO “Center of Public Freedoms”. She conducted master class about motivation of the team members in civil work for participants. Those skills participants of the training will soon have an ability to apply in realization of reforms monitoring projects  in their regions and discussion clubs organizing.

31.07.2015 - 01.08.2015 / Cherkasy


One of the most serious challenges of Ukraine is corruption beating. If the country will be successful in this depends a lot on activity and familiarity of society about tools that bring to light corruption manifestation and factors that let it exist. The “Kyiv Dialogue” project became co-organizer of the first training in Cherkasy oblast about anti-bribery expertise procedure. 

Experts of the Center of political-law reforms – Mykola Khavronuk and Dmitryi Kalmykov taught activists of 5 Community boards of Cherkasy region about educing and eliminating corruptogenic factors (those, that come laden with potential corruption dangers) in legally enforceable enactments. 16 qualified experts that received trainings will perform anti-bribery expert examination of  complex regional program “Turbota” ("Concern") 2014-2020 and share their own conclusions at press-conference.

Training program you can find here (in Ukrainian).

Methodology of anti-bribery expertise prepared by Mykola Khavronuk – Doctor of Juridical Science, professor – you can find here (in Ukrainian).  

29.06.2015 - 02.07.2015 / BABYLON, Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse 30, 10178 Berlin
Ukrainische Filmtage


Der ukrainische Filmemacher Oleg Sentsov, der die Maidan-Proteste in Kiew unterstützte und sich gegen die Annektierung der Krim durch Russland aussprach, wurde im Mai 2014 vom russischen Inlandsgeheimdienst FSB verhaftet und ins Moskauer Lefortowo - Gefängnis gebracht. Ihm wird die Planung terroristischer Handlungen vorgeworfen, was sowohl Sentsov selbst als auch seine Anwälte bestreiten. Der Prozess ist aktuell für den 11. Juli angesetzt. Sentsov drohen 20 Jahre Haft. Zahlreiche Organisationen und bekannte Filmemacher setzen sich seit über einem Jahr für seine Freilassung ein. Die Ukrainischen Filmtage möchten das Interesse der Presse, der Öffentlichkeit und der Politik für die Ereignisse in der Ukraine und das Schicksal des ukrainischen Regisseurs wecken sowie die Zuschauer mit der aktuellen ukrainischen Filmlandschaft bekannt machen.

An vier Tagen werden teilweise preisgekröntes neues ukrainisches Kino aus den Jahren 2013 bis 2015 sowie aktuelle Dokumentarfilme über die jüngsten politischen Ereignisse im Land gezeigt.

Zur Eröffnung der Ukrainischen Filmtage in Solidarität mit Oleg Sentsov im Babylon am 29. Juni um 20.00 Uhr werden führende Politiker Deutschlands, bekannte Schauspieler und Regisseure, Festivalorganisatoren, Mitglieder der Europäischen Filmakademie, Diplomaten verschiedener Länder sowie Vertreter der ukrainischen Filmindustrie erwartet.

Die Filmtage werden mit einem der erfolgreichsten ukrainischen Filme der letzten Jahre, “THE TRIBE” von Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy, eröffnet.

Ein volleständiges Programm der Ukrainischen Filmtage finden Sie hier

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