27.04.2015 / Dnipropetrovsk
Expert discussion

Public control on local budgets

Panel discussion on public control on local budgets was held I Dnipropetrovsk on the March, 13.

The discussion was built on two sessions. The first one was about dialogue strengthening possibilities between activists and local government. Deputy head of PAUCI foundation Kostiantyn Ploskii and deputy head of the Civil council in Dnipropetrovsk city council Maxim Semenov said about effects of such a dialogue. Expert of the Centre of political studies and analysis (CPSA) Volodymyr Tarnay said about legislative innovations that give more transparency to information about budgets.
The second session was about local initiatives that already exist and are focused on analysis how effective is local government on forming and spending public budget. Representative of platform “Public control” Atrem Romaniukov, initiator of public movement “Diya (Action)” Volodymyr Nedogoda and meber o Dnipropetrovsk city council Olena Smelchanska told about their experience in it.
Glib Kanevskiy, viewer of “Econpomic Pravda” and expert of the CPSA, moderated the discussion. About 40 activists, experts and representatives of the local authorities built an audience of the discussion.
The most interesting to discuss were issues about existing public initiatives, and how to make information about budgets accessible and transparent.

To continue public dialog on the 21st of March a workshop-meeting on “forsight-method” was held. Maxim Semenov was a moderator of the meeting. Participants learned the basics of effective cooperation between stakeholders to achieve common goals. It was focused on the fact that local budgets should be formed not only transparent but also considering public proposals. The meeting was attended by about 15 activists. They identified the main problems of public participation in the budgeting process and intended to continue work that they started. The main issue mentioned which need public control and participation of activists was reallocation of budget funds, unbreaking the laws that can minimize corruption, involvement in the discussion of budgetary processes of local entrepreneurs and trade unions.

10.04.2015 / Odesa, Impact Hub Odessa
An expert discussion

European foreign policy and the situation in the east of Ukraine

On the 10th of April Kiev Dialogue held an expert discussion on the topic “European foreign policy and the situation in the east of Ukraine“. Honorary Consul of Austria in Odessa provided assistance in organizing this discussion.

The panelists discussed the changes in European foreign policy due to the changes in the situation in Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Hanna Shelest, Curator in Odessa Region of Ukrainian Peacebuilding School, Gerhard Sailler, Deputy Director of the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, and Thomas Row, Professor of the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, expressed their opinion on the matter of involvement of Europe in the conflict in the east of Ukraine.

Among the participants of the discussion were students of the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna and members of Odessa Diplomatic Club. The working language was English.

The discussion was moderated by Maryna Pluzhnyk-Gladyr, Co-founder of Impact Hub Odessa.

19.03.2015 / International Management Institut, Kyiv
Discussion on German political system

„Young Generation as a Driving Force in Politics“ 

Ukraine has to meet many challenges in order to overcome the economic and political crisis. A total transformation of all state institutions is needed, economic and social systems have to be reformed as well. After holding democratic Presidential and Parliamentary elections in 2014, the next milestone for Ukraine will be the local elections in the fall of 2015 and Parliamentary elections in 2019. In the last year the young generation turned out to be the driving force in this transformation process. But how can a social activist become a good decision-maker? What challenges and obstacles does one encounter? What are the first steps before and after being elected to the regional or city council? 

Kiev Dialogue and Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Foundation held on the 19th of March the first lecture of Bohdan Hawrylyshyn School on Policy-Making and Development of Civil Society, that focused on German political system. 

The working language was English

Here you can find the program and brochure of the event

12.03.2015 / Impact Hub Odessa
Panel discussion

Youth empowerment and intensification of its role in the society

On 12th of March Impact Hub Odessa held a panel discussion about the value of Ukrainian youth in political and social activity, consideration its interests in decision-making and also about stirring the youth up.

- Artem Rudomyotkin, chairman of the Youth council at the Odessa mayor, head of the NGO "New Future";
- Volodymyr Kirov, head of family, youth and sports department of the Odessa regional state administration 2007-2010, deputy director of the State institute of family and youth policy 2011-2012;
- Victor Aksanyuk, head of youth, sports and tourism department of the Odessa city council 2005-2006, founder of Odessa youth parliament in 1998;
- Anna Bondarenko, head of youth programs in Impact Hub Odessa, head of the organizing committee of a student conference StudCamp - 2015, volunteer coordinator of Vyshyvankovy festival;
- Anna Krys, head of Odessa branch of National Youth Organization "Debate Federation of Ukraine";
Moderator: Aleksandr Slavskiy, coordinator of the "Kiev Dialogue" in Odessa.

At the first panel of the discussion, the leaders of youth organizations discussed the urgent issues ofinteraction between community leaders, business and government.The second panel was attended by representatives of the authorities in the field ofyouth policy. Almost all speakers agreed on the fact that 10-20 years ago there were the sameproblems, as it is now. However, civil societyorganizations and youth groups have a great potential to change the status quo of the youth policy.

28.02.2015 / Impact Hub Odessa
Expert discussion

School of the Future - what is it?

On 28th of February Impact Hub Odessa held an expert discussion about the value of the latest educational and training techniques and organization of educational process. 


- Pavlo Khobzey, prorector of the Ukrainian Catholic University (Lviv).

- Oleksij Grekov, director of strategic development in private school "Athens" (Kiev).

- Zoe Zvynyatskivska, journalist, co-founder of the public association "Parent Control" (Kiev).

- Roksolana Levystka, head of an International Center for Talent Development.

- Chepurnij Sergіj, principal of the school №105 (Odesa).

The experts proposed changes in the education system: "We need to change the system of management in general. We need to make the transition from an administrative command system to a democratic system of cooperation on the local level". The main goal of the discussion was to determine what kind of changes in Ukrainian schools is needed.